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Capitol Hill Little League is a nonprofit, all volunteer-run organization that provides youth baseball and softball opportunities across Ward 6.

Founded in 2011 with 10 teams, we have enjoyed explosive growth: in 2016 we will serve nearly 600 boys and girls, ages 5-16, and more than 40 teams. Each year we need to buy new equipment and supplies and upgrade our fields.

We also accept all eligible players, regardless of the ability to pay registration fees. It’s through the support of the Capitol Hill Community that we have been able to build a program that fosters good sportsmanship and good citizens. Every contribution makes a difference!

For team or field sponsorship information please contact:

Recurring Donations Coming Soon!

This year, CHLL has increased the requested contribution for baseball and softball team sponsorships because of higher costs for the use of playing fields. This is not due simply to the growth of the league (which is remarkable, with 42 teams fielded in 2016), but principally because of increases in field use fees levied by the City’s Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) and a change in approach to field fees by the Department of General Services (DGS). In 2016 the DPR field use rate went up from a nominal fee to $5/hour fee. Meanwhile, DGS changed their approach to field usage fees, no longer allowing CHLL to pay for field use through in-kind “sweat equity” services – our all-volunteer field teams graded the diamonds, made sure playing surfaces were safe for kids, repaired the backstops and even paid for improvements. CHLL is now required to pay the full costs for the use of these school fields - $35/day. All told, the changes to the fee structures is adding in excess of $25,000 to CHLL field fees annually. To help defray these costs for the upcoming season, CHLL is now seeking additional assistance from the Capitol Hill community, which has played an essential role in the continued growth and success of the League since its inception in 2011.

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